ADP case study

Helping a HR solutions provider on a global scale

ADP is a global provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions that unite HR, payroll, talent, performance, time, tax and benefits administration. Established in 1965, ADP is a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise, and works with over 80% of Fortune 500 companies. As the largest provider of HR services in North America, Europe, Latin America, and the Pacific Rim, ADP now operates in over 40 countries worldwide.

The challenge

Software localisation
Technical terminology
Quick turnaround

As ADP were expanding into new markets abroad with the iHCM EMEA product, it was essential for the company to localise their software and supporting documentation in order for all local teams to fully engage with the system. It was always ADP’s intention to market a multi-national product, but without translation, this simply would not have been possible.

It became quickly apparent that translations into a select few appropriate languages was becoming more and more necessary.

ADP went out to tender for a new translation provider, and Capita TI came out on top, due to their in-depth understanding of technical software localisation, as well as their competitive rates. When scored against other language service providers, Capita TI came out on top by a significant margin.

How we helped

Translation into 4 languages
Flexible approach
Dedicated team

Capita TI quickly helped localise ADP’s iHCM EMEA product into German, Dutch, French and later Italian. ADP can now market their product overseas with maximum impact.

Capita TI and ADP established a commercial agreement, allowing for a greater level of flexibility, and a generous rebate scheme based upon the volume of translations produced. By working together on a regular basis, providing translations for ADP’s agile software development cycles and remaining in close contact throughout the year, Capita TI have an in-depth understanding of ADP’s business requirements, and are able to meet these, thanks to a flexible way of working.

Capita TI also implemented a dedicated project management team, who are on hand to support ADP’s tactical and strategic objectives.

The result

ADP’s clients have come to expect localised software as standard, so with the help of Capita TI, ADP are able to maintain a large pool of satisfied customers. ADP are now successfully marketing their product in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, with a roadmap for further expansion into other EMEA markets.

What ADP said

“Capita TI has been providing our translation services for several years and has always proved themselves to be a professional, reliable and competitively priced company, who are a pleasure to work with. It has also been a great help to have a dedicated Project Manager who understands our translation processes and needs.”