Multilingual content production

Understanding your content and how to make it global

As one of the Top 50 language suppliers in the world, we offer our customers a comprehensive set of services ranging from content translation services, interpreting, localization, transcreation, copywriting or linguistic support for machine translation output quality assessment and post editing to support all their multilingual content production requirements.

Our customers benefit from a best-in-class managed services model, combining disrupting all-in-one technology with a large multilingual professional workforce and ISO certified processes.


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Post Editing MT

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Managed Language Services

Multilingual content production

Translation, localization, transcreation, copywriting or post editing
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Digital language solutions

Machine Translation, Workflow Automation, API connectivity, DTP, e-learning, Remote interpreting
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On premise language services

In-person interpreting, BSL, Conference Interpreting, Language Testing
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Managing your
digital journey


Managing your
digital journey

Helping you build the right solution thanks to our language market understanding and state-of-the-art technology

Ensuring brand


Ensuring brand

Becoming an extension of your team with great language expertise and embedded quality controls

Compliance and


Compliance and

Reducing risks associated with translation and interpreting thanks to the highest levels of compliance, corporate governance and security
Our language technology
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All in one SmartMate dashboard to access language services, reporting, help guides and more


Our SmartMate Translation Management System (TMS) combines best in class workflow management, quality validation and translation automation

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Get an interpreter online in less than 15 seconds via our LiveLink remote software available via mobile app, web browser or telephone with our remote video and voice interpreting platform


Our LIveLink in-person interpreting management platform combines assignment automation intelligence with linguist verification and management for any face-to-face requirements


Translation Services

Our professional translation services are supported on a combination of technology innovation, a highly qualified and proactively managed pool of translators and a customer focused project management model. All geared towards providing the highest quality within the agreed timeframes and cost effectively.

General Translation Services

Our customers use our platform, SmartMATE Translation, daily to streamline their multi-disciplinary professional translation requirements. Our platform integrates the best translators in the industry in over 180 languages with automated workflows and quality controls to deliver high translation quality.

Technical Translation Services

We understand the challenges of translating technical content better than any other language supplier in the market thanks to our experience working with some of the largest manufacturing and technology companies in the world. Our technical translations team is constantly working to integrate machine translation, automation and validation controls within the ever-growing technical content volumes that require high levels of efficiency to produce quality multilingual content on time and budget.

Legal Translation Services

Law firms, in-house counsel and legal professionals all rely on our secure, accurate, 24/7 translation services, underpinned by industry expertise and tested, secure, ISO-certified systems.

Our legal translations team, working with several Magic Circle law firms, understand the pressures that arise from multilingual litigation, contract law or M&A, as well as the specific requirements such as certified or sworn translations, e-discovery or transcription. We also understand the complexity of integrating legal translations as part of the law firm’s operations to ensure the highest quality within the agreed timeframes and cost effectively.

Financial Translation Services

Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies and asset managers all rely on our secure, accurate, 24/7 translation services, underpinned by industry expertise and tested, secure, ISO-certified systems.

Our financial translations team has vast experience delivering professional translations for KIIDs and PRIIPS, as well as annual reports, customer and shareholder communications or insurance policies and claims. We also understand the complexity of integrating financial translations as part of the asset manager, banking or insurance service operations to ensure the highest quality within the agreed timeframes and cost effectively.

Marketing Translation Services

We understand how important brand and customer engagement is for our clients when translating marketing content. Our marketing translation services are supported by in-country experts who understand the target markets and our marketing translations team has vast experience translating complex global campaigns in multiple channels such as web, email, printed, or social media. Our integrations with CRMs and other marketing platforms are also key to respond to the fast-paced world of multilingual marketing today, together with expertise in other services such as Transcription and Copywriting.

Localisation services

Localisation Services

Our localisation solutions will go beyond just translating your content. Our team of content and language experts will join forces with software, web or multimedia engineers to produce a local version of your product that will look and feel as if it was developed in country. You can just trust us with your source content and we will do the rest, from pre-engineering to User testing and final compilation of the target application.

Website Localisation Services

Our website localization services go beyond providing excellent quality translations. We work with our clients to streamline the content production process, either by connecting to their CMS or by using our web proxy service to capture any new content produced in the source language and automatically upload new translated content. We ensure multilingual websites are tested by in-country language experts to ensure the best user experience, while we evaluate the feasibility of automating the website localization workflow to reduce time to market and cost of the updates. Our team will also help delivering multilingual marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, integrating with SmartMATE and its capabilities in machine translation together with language expertise.

Software Localisation Services

Our software localization team understands the complexities of being part of the software product team, even more as many of our clients will be using agile development models, where localization is happening in parallel with the development cycles. This means our software localizers are prepared to be delivering strings on a constant flow, while running testing cycles or reporting language bugs to the developers.

In recent years, we have also seen very successful machine translation integrations to produce multilingual software and our team has the expertise to support customers at evaluation, implementation and post-editing stages.

e-Learning Localisation Services

In order to ensure your courseware is translated to the best possible standard, we adopt the following approaches:
  • Protection of source text structure throughout the translation workflow, for accuracy and productivity
  • Use of tools for compatibility with your authoring environment and e-Learning tools, including Storyline, Lectora and Captivate as well as bespoke systems and applications
  • Professional recording and integration of audiovisual and voiceover – in any language
  • Use of translation memory tools – for consistency and cost benefits
Transcreation Services

Transcreation Services

Our transcreation services ensure that the intended impact and emotion of your message is not lost in translation, and that the original intent, style and tone are maintained. Translation stays faithful to the source text while Transcreation is an art that customises the material for your target audience.

The transcreation team works with the customer on developing briefs that are shared with our transcreators to work on multiple suggestions that are, on many occasions supported, by back translations so that our customer can have a better context to the proposed solution.

Triaging between marketing translation and transcreation is critical to the success of a multilingual marketing campaign, and our team of experts will suggest the best route for each type of content.

Copywriting services

Copywriting Services

Our copywriting service is a great extension of our multilingual SEO and website localisation offering. In recent years, search engines such as Google have put great emphasis on websites keeping their content fresh and reliant, something many companies struggle to find the time for.

Not only does our copywriting service alleviate time restraints of compiling this copy yourselves, it generates unique copy in a language that you are unfamiliar with. We do not need to work from a pre-written source file. The aim is to write a completely original piece in the target language.

If you’re looking to write an original article for your foreign market, why not have a native multilingual copywriter work on it?

Transcription services

Transcription Services

There are different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the dialogue from the source audio or video file. If you need any help choosing the right solution for your needs, we can help you to decide by discussing your requirements. Most common requests are:
  • Basic Same Language Transcription. Consists of transcribing the source text only.
  • Standard Translated Transcription. Consists of translating and transcribing in one step, only the target language will be transcribed.
  • Source and Target Transcription. Consists both of the above.
Post Editing

Post Editing Machine Translation Services

The adoption of machine translation technology as part of the translation workflow has driven a new requirement to ensure that there is no deterioration on the quality of the output of the final translated content.

Our post editors are trained to evaluate machine translation output, which is very different from translating or even proofreading another translator’s work.

To make sure the machine translation investment reverts a return, the post editor needs to measure the effort required to edit a machine translated content versus translating, as well as being technically savvy to ensure it utilises the technology to its best.

Over the past 5 years, we have integrated machine translation and post edited over 60% of the work we have produced for our technical customers.

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