Technology Enabled Language Services

Technology is at the heart of what we do!

As a technology-enabled language services supplier, we have invested over the years on research and development to address every element of our service model, from automating and integrating neural machine translation in our workflows to improving the experience of our customers and linguists or rendering new services like on-demand video interpreting.

What does our award-winning technology offer you?

Our technology is based on 5 key principles:

  • Usability: we want our customers, linguists and employees to enjoy working with our technology, making it accessible, intuitive and fit for purpose
  • Automation: every stage of our services is interrogated to drive automation, so we can generate efficiency, speed and improve return on investment
  • Security: language is also about data, and we want to make sure ours and our customers’ data is protected at all costs
  • Connectivity: all of our technology is open for integration and our platform is developed to maximise connections with either other language tools, content management or customer support systems
  • Reliability: as an “always on” business we need to develop technology that is robust with high levels of backup and resilience.

You will benefit from:

  • All-in-one environment for your translation and interpreting needs
  • Secure, fully encrypted, web-based platform
  • Customisable platform that allows for API integration with your systems
  • Live reporting and full visibility for you and your team
  • Blend of technology and language experts
  • In-house team of solution architects and developers

Managing your
digital journey


Managing your
digital journey

Helping you build the right solution thanks to our language market understanding and state-of-the-art technology

Ensuring brand


Ensuring brand

Becoming an extension of your team with great language expertise and embedded quality controls

Compliance and


Compliance and

Reducing risks associated with translation and interpreting thanks to the highest levels of compliance, corporate governance and security
Our language technology
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All in one SmartMate dashboard to access language services, reporting, help guides and more


Our SmartMate Translation Management System (TMS) combines best in class workflow management, quality validation and translation automation

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Get an interpreter online in less than 15 seconds via our LiveLink remote software available via mobile app, web browser or telephone with our remote video and voice interpreting platform


Our LIveLink in-person interpreting management platform combines assignment automation intelligence with linguist verification and management for any face-to-face requirements

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