LiveLink Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting on-line in less than 15 seconds

LiveLINK remote interpreting platform is an award winning on-demand remote interpreting service, available on a 24/7/365 basis, connecting you to a professional interpreter remotely by audio or video call, in as little as 15 seconds. Our helpdesk team are always available for additional support or information when using the service.

Accessing our telephone interpreting and video interpreting platform couldn’t be easier, as you can connect via smartphone app, via the web or using a standard telephone line. Our professional interpreters are only 15 seconds away from you and your teams.

LiveLINK allows you to:

  • Specify the interpreter’s gender
  • Create a third-party conference call to connect users in a different location
  • Re-connect with the same interpreter within 1 minute of the call ending for any last-minute additional support
  • Rate your experience and leave feedback at the end of a mobile app or browser call.

The LiveLINK remote interpreter platform was built with security in mind. All communications are encrypted to protect against eaves dropping and information tampering. Interpreters are all fully vetted, tested, and approved and undergo training on data security and confidentiality.

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Accessing the remote interpreting platform couldn’t be easier, as you can connect via smartphone app, via the web or using a standard telephone line, by providing your secure login details.

Watch our short videos for more information.

Managing your
digital journey


Managing your
digital journey

Helping you build the right solution thanks to our language market understanding and state-of-the-art technology

Ensuring brand


Ensuring brand

Becoming an extension of your team with great language expertise and embedded quality controls

Compliance and


Compliance and

Reducing risks associated with translation and interpreting thanks to the highest levels of compliance, corporate governance and security

Our innovative remote interpreting service, LiveLINK, is available in over 170 languages, and can be used 24 hours a day.

Communicate with non-English speakers quickly and effectively

Connect from anywhere, anytime, on any device

Only qualified, experienced interpreters

Used for on-demand, immediate communication problems

Cost reduction compared with face to face interpreting

15 second connection time

170 languages available

Appropriate for a variety of situations

How it works

1. Call

Call via telephone, the web, or smartphone app, enter your secure login details and choose your language

Please click here to access our language list and language codes for use when accessing the service via telephone.

2. Find

Our extensive network of remote interpreters receive your request, and the first interpreter that meets your criteria connects with you, in as quickly as 15 seconds

3. Connect

You will then be connected to an interpreter, who has already undergone all required checks, including security clearance and professional qualifications. You can also set-up a third party conference

4. Reconnect

After your call, simply hang up. You are also able to reconnect with your interpreter within 1 minutes of completing the call

Benefits to you

Our language technology
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All in one SmartMate dashboard to access language services, reporting, help guides and more


Our SmartMate Translation Management System (TMS) combines best in class workflow management, quality validation and translation automation

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Get an interpreter online in less than 15 seconds via our LiveLink remote software available via mobile app, web browser or telephone with our remote video and voice interpreting platform


Our LIveLink in-person interpreting management platform combines assignment automation intelligence with linguist verification and management for any face-to-face requirements

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