SmartMATE Client Dashboard

All-in-one language dashboard available 24/7

Our SmartMATE dashboard offers an intuitive user interface that allows you and your team to request, track and get reports on any of our services, whether it is a translation project, a face-to-face interpreter or a video interpreting call.

Your stakeholders will also have access to support pages and training material, and we can customise your SmartMATE client dashboard to include additional Apps such as file analysis and wordcount tools, glossaries, or a secure machine translation interface.

Our SmartMATE API connector allows you to connect to your CMS, DMS and LMS to streamline your language requirements and increase your productivity.

Managing your
digital journey


Managing your
digital journey

Helping you build the right solution thanks to our language market understanding and state-of-the-art technology

Ensuring brand


Ensuring brand

Becoming an extension of your team with great language expertise and embedded quality controls

Compliance and


Compliance and

Reducing risks associated with translation and interpreting thanks to the highest levels of compliance, corporate governance and security

Top Dashboard Features

  1. Designated stakeholders within your organisation will be able to order language services, track projects, view performance reports, access LiveLINK and our secure machine translation interface
  2. SmartMATE Dashboard offers a comprehensive set of Language tools, such as File Converters, OCR ,SmartMATE Vault, PDF Tools, Terminology Tools and our Website Translation Proxy
  3. Help is always at hand with our support tools, user guides and contact platform
SmartMate Dashboard


Using agreed rates and your company’s Translation Memory, stakeholders will be able to request translations and receive an Instant Quote at the click of a button which will allow them to efficiently manage their translation budget and control spend.

Ordering is simple, secure, and personalised from the first use.

SmartMate Order


Get a quick, at-a-glance view into your team’s projects in real time using SmartMATE Track. You can check progress, spend and retrieve completed work
SmartMate Tracking


Get a quick, at-a-glance view into your team’s projects in real time using SmartMATE Track. You can check progress, spend and retrieve completed work

SmartMATE Report provides a complete overview of your organization’s translation and interpreting activity. Customisable by date and location, you will be able to report on data from spend per region or language to Translation Memory savings and services used.

We can customise the reports to meet your requirements. Our goal is to provide reporting that aligns with your business requirements and allows you to make more informed buying decisions.

SmartMate Report
Our language technology
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All in one SmartMate dashboard to access language services, reporting, help guides and more


Our SmartMate Translation Management System (TMS) combines best in class workflow management, quality validation and translation automation

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Get an interpreter online in less than 15 seconds via our LiveLink remote software available via mobile app, web browser or telephone with our remote video and voice interpreting platform


Our LIveLink in-person interpreting management platform combines assignment automation intelligence with linguist verification and management for any face-to-face requirements

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