Automation in translation white paper

The world has developed new methods of connecting people, objects and places in ways that were once only a figment of the imagination. Humans and technology are joining forces to make day-to-day life easier and more enriching, and the digital world has never been more disruptive.

The translation industry is not immune to this disruption, and is being driven by the efficiency opportunities that automation can bring to translation services, as well as the solutions to the challenges that customers face in response to their new market demands.Professional translation is a complex process involving many stages, assets, quality controls and individuals.

Any opportunity to automate tasks and reduce touchpoints in the translation workflow brings direct cost, quality and time benefits to customers.

This paper explores:

  • What is workflow automation?
  • What tasks in translation can be automated?
  • How does integration help with automation?
  • How to implement continuous/rapid translations