Big On Toy Innovation (BOTI) case study

Big On Toy Innovation (BOTI) develop and distribute entertaining kid’s toys on an international scale. Founded in 2012, they partner with leading entertainment licensors, toy manufacturers and inventors, which enables them to build brands and create innovative products. Headquartered in Hong Kong with a subsidiary office in The Netherlands, BOTI distribute products to several European countries, but also have a customer base across the globe.

The challenge

BOTI were initially using in-house resources to translate their material, but due to their market expansion and rapid growth, this was no longer a sufficient option. The nature of BOTI’s localisation requirements meant that they needed dedicated linguists that could handle more complex requests in a consistent, timely and professional manner. Their experience with previous Language Service Providers proved problematical and involved multiple points of contact, leading to an inefficient process which caused administration problems for the company. Localisation and translation is a fundamental business aspect for BOTI, who pride themselves on tailoring their products to their various markets, so finding a professional Language Service Provider who could deliver accurate translations from qualified linguists was essential. The style of language used for BOTI’s products needs to remain engaging, fun and entertaining in any language, and this is where Capita Translation and Interpreting’s (Capita TI) large resource of experienced translators with industry specific knowledge helped to provide accurate localisation services.
BOTI receive most of their website traffic from shoppers in the Netherlands, the U.S. and Germany.

How Capita TI helped

Capita TI was recommended to BOTI and initial conversations took place to assess the work and discuss Capita TI’s various service offerings. Capita TI sent a detailed proposal and our fruitful partnership has continued ever since. BOTI are currently looking at moving other localisation functions over to Capita TI, including desktop publishing, in order to be able to further improve their customer offering. The service that Capita TI has provided to BOTI has allowed for a more prompt, streamlined process which fits into BOTI’s demanding time requirements. Dealing with one Account Manager at Capita TI also means less administrative work for BOTI, leaving them more time to develop new products and focus on providing excellent customer service.

What’s next?

E-commerce forms a large part of BOTI’s distribution channel and with online shopping becoming more common-place for consumers everywhere, multilingual websites are of paramount importance. BOTI are also looking to further expand their own range of products as well as targeting new markets. What BOTI said:
“Capita TI always responds to our requests promptly with high efficiency. The employees are enthusiastic and helpful. We can always rely on Capita TI to provide professional opinions to help us improve translation consistency and save costs.” Larissa Louwman, localization coordinator, BOTI.