Digital marketing content localisation white paper

The online world is changing at an incredible pace. Company websites, social media and search engine optimisation (SEO) are now a central part of any digital marketing strategy.

Businesses from a variety of sectors are challenging traditional marketing models and disrupting the digital landscape, with a seamless cross-over of offline and online activities. This transformation of, and dependency on, digital marketing means that the traditional ‘offline vs online marketing’ no longer stands, and they are no longer classed as separate, segmented activities, but must be integrated in order to deliver the optimum experience to the end user.

This white paper looks at trends in digital marketing and the impact on the localisation process, and the importance of tailoring content to specific markets:

  • Global digital audiences
  • How digital content affects the user experience
  • Integrating new digital technologies into localisation
  • Digital localisation methods
  • Quality, productivity, connectivity
  • 5 steps to a successful digital content localisation project