Global soft drinks case study

Seven years of success with one of the largest cold beverage suppliers in the world

Growing together – a partnership success story

Capita Translation & interpreting (Capita TI) and recent acquisition ITR have enjoyed a long and successful seven-year business relationship with one of the giants of the soft drinks industry. This global company with a portfolio of household brands initially partnered with Capita TI and ITR to translate training and HR material, but the scope of the relationship has widened to include all content channels. The range of projects undertaken amply demonstrates Capita TI’s ability to drive efficiency while working with a number of different departments.

Internal news articles

The client is based in 13 countries across Europe, and has 25,000 employees to communicate with, in 10 different languages. That’s a lot of people to get messages to, and it’s essential that all news articles posted on the internal intranet achieve the right tone – they need to be informal but informative, and chatty without being condescending. Capita TI has worked for a number of years with the client’s reviewers to make sure this balance is always respected in our translations.

e-Learning courses

With so many different employees across different countries, it’s important that this client’s e-Learning courses are well-structured, easily accessible and perfectly localised.

We have helped every step of the way by providing not just a nuanced and intelligent translation of the text involved, but also high-quality complimentary services such as voiceover, subtitling and desktop publishing.

Urgent internal communications

As anyone working within a large company will know, the wording of important announcements concerning company earnings, restructures and other sensitive updates is fundamental.

Such copy needs to be in plain language so that employees understand what is being communicated, but must also be sensitively worded.

We have been handling this content type for the client since the start of our partnership, and have become experts at making these pieces word-perfect.

High-level meeting material

Being a Europe-wide company means facilitating communication across national borders. In common with most large multinationals operating in Europe, the client maintains a European Works Council to discuss high-level issues which affect the workforce, and Capita TI works with the client to help these meetings run smoothly, localising and formatting the presentations beforehand, and ensuring the minutes are fully and accurately translated afterwards.

Linguistic assets

The quality translations Capita TI delivers for the client are underpinned by a comprehensive approach to managing linguistic assets – glossaries, style guides and translation memories. Capita TI works with the client’s reviewers on a monthly basis to update all the materials and ensure that any new wording current within the company is taken into account.

What the client said

“Capita TI and ITR have always made it easy, quick and efficient to localise the content we need to communicate with our employees across Europe.”

HR Manager, Global soft drinks company