National Express case study

Creating better outcomes for holidaymakers and tourists in the UK and abroad

National Express is a leading British transport provider, operating bus, coach and train services in the UK, Continental Europe, North Africa, North America and the Middle East. The iconic white fleet of National Express coaches is the largest scheduled national coach network in the UK.

The challenge

Enhance client communication globally
Digital content
Improve website user engagement
Ensure consistency across languages

Over 20 million people travelled with National Express coach in 2018. With a significant number of these customers being from abroad, it is important to communicate with them effectively, no matter the language; with a clear need to reach website users at a global, multilingual level.

Continental Europe is a significant market for National Express, so localising for these countries was key, as well as being able to communicate with some of the 40 million tourists that visit the UK every year.

How we helped

SmartMATe Portal
Access to the Dashboard
Dedicated team

We created a dedicated team for National Express, allowing them to be able to concentrate on their own business, safe in the knowledge that their translation requirements were being handled by experts. The team at Capita TI provided National Express with regular updates on the progress of translation projects and ensured prompt interaction and clear communications.

Our secure SmartMATE Dashboard allowed National Express to submit, track and retrieve translation projects from one central place, making the whole process easier to manage. The tracking feature in the Dashboard gives the team at National Express expected dates for translation project deliveries, and the financial view feature also allowed them to check spend against budget.

Security and intellectual property are incredibly important for National Express, they’ve worked hard to create a leading brand and company, so it was critical that their IP didn’t fall into the wrong hands. During our translation process, documents and content don’t leave our secure system, and are always protected.

The result

Website translation
Website available in 5 languages
SmartMATE Productivity
Improved customer engagement
Ability to share important
information across markets
National Express’ website is now localised into 5 languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish. Thanks to localisation, National Express have seen improved customer engagement across different language groups and have met their objective to communicate with their global markets. Strong communication with multiple markets allows National Express to be able to forward plan their activities and share important information with their passengers.
National Express French website e
National Express Polish website

What the client said

“Communication is key, I can count on my contacts at Capita, be it my Account Manager or the Project Manager, to keep me informed, always being honest and transparent, so that I know where I am in my own planning/schedule. Capita’s turnaround times are incredible”

Ceri Harris, Digital Product Owner