Pegasus Airlines case study

World-class website localisation to reach an international audience

Pegasus Airlines, a leading low cost airline based in Turkey, provides reasonably priced point-to-point travel opportunities on short to medium length flight routes.

Since their foundation as a charter airline with just two planes in 1990, Pegasus had ambitious plans and aimed to provide a wide travel network with high flight frequency for guests.

Pegasus has seen steady growth, and operates the youngest fleet of aircrafts in Turkey, with 65 aeroplanes averaging 5.16 years in age. Pegasus fly to 92 destinations in 37 different countries.

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) has always been on hand to provide the service Pegasus needed throughout a six-year relationship – high-quality localisation to ensure their website could be accessed and used by customers around the world.

The challenge

Turkish source language
Reduced Time
Strict deadlines
Marketing messaging
Capita TI started working with Pegasus in 2009 with a clear brief; to help Pegasus expand globally through providing high-quality localisation. As the source language of Pegasus’ website is Turkish, a cost-effective system was needed to take the Turkish content and translate it so that Pegasus could communicate with their world-wide customer base. As Pegasus have strict deadlines for product launches, agility and quick turnaround time of translations were essential.

How we helped

Language assets
Bespoke process creation
Project manager
Smart linguist sourcing
Translation glossary
Terminology management

In order to accommodate Pegasus’ language requirements, a bespoke system was implemented whereby content was translated from Turkish into English first before being ‘pivoted’ into other languages, including German, Russian, Dutch, French, Danish, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

In doing so, Capita TI saved a huge amount of time and money in sourcing linguists, in comparison with direct translation between Turkish and those languages, and safeguarded quality by always ensuring the Turkish-English translation was 100% accurate.

During the course of the long relationship with Pegasus, Capita TI has always maintained consistency by using a well-defined pool of linguists and managing the terminology effectively. A twenty-four-seven service also meant that tight deadlines could be met effectively.

The result

Consistency across languages
International expansion
Award winning PR campaigns

During a very fruitful six-year relationship, Capita TI has been Pegasus Airline’s trusted partner in their global expansion, delivering high-quality translations for their website and after-sales material. Helped in part by localisation, Pegasus is now the most rapidly expanding airline in Europe, and recently received a prestigious Stevie Gold award for one of their PR campaigns.

As Pegasus’ requirement expanded from 5 to 9 languages, Capita TI scaled up the solution, making sure quality and consistency were always maintained. Today the relationship continues to go from strength to strength, and Pegasus are confident that Capita TI’s delivery system will always ensure communication with customers across the world rests on strong foundations.

Pegasus website

What Pegasus said:

“Working with Capita TI has allowed us to focus on our core task of expanding across Europe without having to worry about whether the localisation aspect has been managed properly. With Capita TI we can always keep to our content schedules and know that the content will be properly and consistently translated.”

Emre Güney
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, Pegasus Airlines