Procuring Language Services White Paper

Procuring language services – a quick guide for procurement professionals to better understand the opportunities of identifying and centralising localisation.

Right now, we understand that procurement teams are working harder than ever to navigate the plethora of indirect costs associated with running a business: painting a clear picture from multiple stakeholders, and analysing the information well enough to make well-informed decisions. It’s time-consuming and it’s a challenging process, as well as a steep learning curve.

Our goal is to remove these barriers to you achieving your primary objective – source the highest quality service as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible, with full control and visibility moving forward.

To do that, we offer our services as an extension of your team – as trusted experts in language services.
This White Paper explores the topic in more detail, covering:

  • 3 reasons why language spend should be procured centrally
  • Who in your organisation is buying languages?
  • How can technology help when procuring languages?
  • Top challenges when centralising your language spend and how your supplier should help you