Scarab Sweepers case study

British Manufacturer seeking further global expansion

Capita Translation and Interpreting (Capita TI) has been working with Scarab Sweepers, localising manufacturing and technical content for Scarab Sweepers’ international markets.

In addition to translation and localisation services, applying desktop publishing and machine translation allowed for cost savings and brand consistency throughout the translated documents and manuals.

Translating operation and technical manuals for international markets

Scarab Sweepers is a global leader in the design and manufacture of road sweepers, their wide range of sweepers are designed to cover all aspects of heavy duty contracting work and are built to a high standard at their manufacturing headquarters in Kent, England.

Established in 1979, Scarab Sweepers currently operate in over 25 countries around the world. They are not slowing down either, continuously looking to expand into more global markets.

The challenge

In order to successfully operate in so many different countries, operating manuals must be available in a variety of languages. This requires a high level of technical translation, localised for the different countries and languages they are required in. Localisation enables business partners and customers to have confidence in Scarab Sweepers, and their ability to provide a high level of service, and in many countries it is a requirement. Scarab Sweepers decided to turn to Capita TI for help, requiring their operating manuals to be localised into Czech and German.

These operating manuals had to be consistent in both quality and content. Scarab Sweepers believed that Capita TI had shown the necessary expertise in this field, and quality end product, to be chosen as their Language Service Provider for this project.

How Capita TI helped

We offer a wide range of translation and localisation services, which enabled us to be an ideal partner in supporting Scarab Sweepers’ expansion into new countries.

With the use of our Machine Translation database, we were able to significantly cut down on costs when translating. As we have worked with Scarab Sweepers previously, we were able to further build on a good working relationship, and fully understand their objectives.

Applying Desktop Publishing (DTP) allows the layout and formatting of the translated content to be amended appropriately for the target market. During the localisation process, text often expands or contracts when being translated into another language. This service gave Scarab Sweepers peace of mind that their translated operating manuals looked as professional as they do in English.

The result

Scarab Sweepers’ operating manuals are now fully localised into Czech and German, allowing their business to expand successfully into these countries. Scarab Sweepers were very pleased with the overall result of their finished localised content, and as a result, will continue to work with us for future localisation requests.

We are delighted to be able to help Scarab Sweepers expand their business and achieve their international objective, and we look forward to continuing this valuable partnership.

What Scarab Sweepers said:

“It would be very difficult to improve on the current service I receive from Capita TI. I am extremely pleased with everything that Capita TI has done for Scarab Sweepers in translating our manuals into other languages, along with the DTP work done to keep the original look and feel of the manuals.”

What has impressed you most about the service provided by Capita TI?

“So far, it has been the contact with me, the technical expertise that you have shown, the ability to work with the native files that I use, turnaround time, cost and what seems like very good localised technical competence. Also, your ability to listen to the customer and recognise what their requirements are.”

Andre Ray,
Technical Publications, Scarab Sweepers