Tascor case study

Custodial solutions, facility management, immigration and border control

Capita TI was approached by a fellow Capita business, Tascor, as they required a dependable, affordable, high-quality and secure telephone interpreting service.

As the largest provider of custody services in the UK, and the first to outsource the latter through West Mercia Police in 1999, Tascor began its operations over 15 years ago, dealing with clients anywhere from the police and central government, to health and emergency services.

What Capita TI has achieved

  • A faster telephone interpreting response
  • Closer monitoring of costs
  • Company-wide communication

Tascor deals with secure police transport, forensic solutions and facilities management, and looks after detainees for the Home Office. Tascor also takes responsibility for the secure transportation of 1,500 forensic products, covering the distance equivalent to 101,000miles.

Formally named Reliance, Tascor was purchased by Capita plc in 2011 to sit within the Justice and Secure Services sector of the group, and to further enhance the family of businesses with over 30 years’ experience in Business Process Outsourcing. This subsidiary of Capita plc also boasts key transport hubs on the French coast and multiple functioning units across the UK.

The challenge for Tascor

Detainees under Tascor’s care could be of any nationality, and it is vital that the basic linguistic and cultural needs of all those concerned are considered.

It is contractually essential that Tascor is able to converse with all detainees, even if they are unable to speak English, and as such, Tascor is obliged to provide 16 key languages as part of their services.

In addition to this, Tascor was faced with the added challenges of reducing costs, increasing efficiency and encouraging innovation within the public sector.

How Capita TI helped

In order to help Tascor communicate effectively and efficiently with all detainees, Capita TI provides the company with instant telephone interpreting services on a daily basis. This enables detainees and Tascor staff to communicate with the help of a native speaking translator via the use of a telephone and by use of a unique Project Manager.

To assist with the challenges of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, Capita TI regularly monitors and reports on Tascor’s expenditure.

Reports are produced to demonstrate how Tascor’s staff are using the interpreting service to provide the client with vital data as and when requested. If reports show an increase in certain languages, Capita TI is able to source experienced linguists at very short notice.

The result

As a result of Capita TI’s active participation in the functioning of Tascor, expenditure within the business framework can be more closely monitored due to efficient communication. In addition, documentation that has been produced by Capita TI allows Tascor to analyse the trends in the usage of the telephone interpreting service, and plan ahead accordingly.

The range of languages that Capita TI offers has proved more than adequate to meet the needs of Tascor’s detainees. Tascor is able to demonstrate to their customer (the Home Office) that the welfare, safety and security of all detainees is appropriately and effectively met.

It is without doubt that Tascor are thoroughly satisfied with Capita TI’s intervention in its workflow, as the telephone interpreting service has proved invaluable to adhering to the Home Office’s expectations.

“The relationship between Tascor and Capita TI has been a success from the beginning of the contract. All queries have been answered in a professional and prompt manner; the data provided by Capita TI is clear and concise and provides managers with the relevant information to ensure staff are performing their duty to the required standard.’”

Richard Clingan, Service Delivery Manager, Tascor