Telecommunications giant case study

A long and productive partnership with one of the world’s leading names in mobile telephony

Capita TI and our recent acquisition ITR have enjoyed a long and successful five-year business relationship with one of the giants of the telecommunications industry, completing numerous high-profile projects with great success.

Throughout this period we have served different areas of the wider client group, with ITR focusing on technical and e-Learning content, and Capita TI on training and legal content. The following are four case studies of projects carried out during this time, chosen from among the many undertaken to showcase the different subject areas within which Capita TI and ITR have worked for this client.

Mobile app localisation

ITR translated both software strings and supporting content for the client into ten languages.

This involved not only leveraging the extensive reference material built up by ITR throughout the relationship, but also demonstrating flexibility by working with the client’s own app localisation software. In recognition of the paramount need for quality, additional QA checks were put into place by an independent linguist to check the translated text in-context using the client’s software.

Legal data bank building

ITR partnered with the client to build a bilingual data bank of legal clauses to make for easy re-use by legal teams across the globe.

This involved translating from 9 different source languages into fluent, contemporary legal English with consistency across all linguists being especially important.

ITR put into place a project style guide to ensure that all 36 linguists involved in the project were working from the same reference material. An additional QA stage was added to ensure the translations were accurate; a vital element of legal translation.

e-Learning content format migration

In a complicated technical project, ITR helped the client to migrate localised content in 7 languages from one e-Learning platform to another, whilst reviewing and editing it to ensure quality. This ensured that the client’s expensively localised e-Learning content could be re-used in their preferred format; saving cost and time.

Urgent legal contract translation

During late 2015 and early 2016, a series of extremely urgent contract translations into English were undertaken for the client’s legal team.

It was vital that these translations were timely and accurate, as they were being used as part of ongoing legal negotiations. Capita TI built a specialist team of linguists from the start of the project to ensure quality. In addition, we deployed best-of-breed technology to ensure that the translations were captured in a memory to be re-used when necessary, and that consistency was maintained across all documents.

What the client said:

“Capita TI and ITR have always been an accessible and proactive partner for us, across all aspects of localisation. Their Account Management approach gives us the information we need to make the right decisions, and they are innovative in finding solutions for us.”

Purchasing Manager