We’ve been awarded a place on a number of high profile frameworks, which offer a fast, easy and competitive route for public sector organisations to procure language services.


Why purchase from a framework?

Purchasing from a framework ensures the quality of the provider is assured and customers have access to a wide range of language services, which combine quality and cost efficiencies.

Key benefits include:

  • Key standards are in place such as (but not limited to) ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO17100:2015 Translation Services Management, Cyber Essentials
  • The terms and conditions are pre-agreed
  • Pricing has been standardised and economies of scale realised – there are no additional charges
  • Agreed key service levels and key performance indicators

Who can procure from a framework?

Public sector organisations able to procure off frameworks include:

  • National Health Service and Social Care
  • Central government departments and agencies
  • Local government organisations
  • Police and emergency services
  • Registered charities

How to purchase from a framework

There is a simple call off procedure, which means that there is no requirement to undertake a tender process, avoiding the additional costs associated with it. To find out more, please leave your details in the form below, and our team will be in touch.

The frameworks and lots we supply to:

Framework: CCS, Crown Commercial Services, RM6141 Language Services


Local Managed Service Lots:

  • 5b North West
  • 5c Yorkshire and Humberside
  • 5d East Midlands
  • 5e West Midlands
  • 5f East of England

Further details
Commercial Agreement Manager: John Devery

Framework: NHS SBS, NHS Shared Business Services, SBS/21/NL/ZXV/10127, Interpreting and Translation services


  • Lot 3 – Telephone Interpretation
  • Lot 4 – DocumentTranslation and Ancillary Services
  • Lot 5 – Video Interpretation
  • Lot 6 – One Stop Shop

Further details

Framework: LPP London Procurement Partnership, LPP/2015/018 – Language Services


  • Lot 1 Managed Service Provision – all areas
  • Lot 2 Spoken Face to Face Interpreting – all areas
  • Lot 3 Non Spoken Face to Face Interpreting – all areas
  • Lot 4a and 4b Telephone and Video Interpretation
  • Lot 5 Written Translation, Transcription and Ancillary Services

Further details

Framework: ESPO, Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation, 402_20 Language Services


  • Lot 1 Managed Service for Language Services:
    • 1a Police
    • 1b Health
    • 1c Local Government and Wider Public Sector
  • Lot 4 Remote Interpretation Services:
    • 4a Telephone
    • 4b Video – Spoken
  • Lot 5 Translation, Transcription and Additional Services

Further details

Framework: Police DPS: Leicestershire Police Dynamic Purchasing System for Language Services – for Police organisations only


  • Lot 2 Translation and Transcription – North West, Yorkshire and The Humber, Midlands, South East and GB regions
  • Lot 3 Telephone
  • Lot 6 Managed Service – North West, Yorkshire and The Humber, Midlands, South East and GB regions

Further details

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